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Account Setup

Setting up your Account as accurately and completely as possible is key to getting started on Entre. The information you include on your Profile will help you connect, learn, and grow with ease. It is required that you do not put false, or misleading information in your Account when setting up your Profile.

Required Fields

When first setting up your Account and Profile, the "required fields" is the minimum amount of information you can display on your Profile. You can always edit and add more information to your Profile and Account in the future. Learn how in the Profile page in the Help Center to learn how.

Your Profile is Your First Impression

Upon filling in the required fields accurately, you can proceed to include additional information to be displayed within your Profile to help you better connect with other like-minded individuals on Entre. Your Profile is your first impression so make it a good one!

You can learn more about the additional Profile information you can display, and why it's important through the Profile page in the Help Center.