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How To Navigate Entre

Being able to navigate Entre properly and efficiently will help you understand the best ways to find what you're looking for as efficiently and as effectively as possible. Whether you're using the search bar, filters, or the tabs within pages, understanding how to use them to your advantage will help create a smooth experience on Entre and benefit you in the long run.

Search, Tabs, Pages, Categories, Filters, & Menu

These different tools throughout the platform will help you navigate, filter, and search for the right connections, events, jobs and more as efficiently as possible. Using these to your advantage will get you started in the right direction here on Entre!

Below is an in-depth overview of the platform and a breakdown of each of these navigational tools and how to use them.


The search will help you navigate the platform in it's entirety, and is one of the most effective tools to search for the people and content you are looking for. The search can broken up into different categories depending on what you are looking for. These different categories allow you to filter through "All" content by default, but can also be filtered to:

  1. People if you are searching for other users(by name only)

  2. Content if you are searching for posts with specific materials

  3. Events if you are searching for specific types of Public Events happening on the platform

  4. Jobs if you are searching for a specific job or opportunity(by Job Title only)

  5. Deals if you are looking for deals and discounts for software to help you work(Pro members only)


Each Tab consists of different content on Entre, and below is a breakdown of what each tab consists of.

Home Tab

This is where you can find all of the posts on Entre. This feed consists of popular posts, and posts from users you are following or may have an interest in connecting with.

Calendar Tab

The Calendar Tab consists of two different Pages:

  • The Discover Page is where you can find all of the public Events happening on the platform, displayed in chronological order.

  • The My Calendar Page opens to the Meetings by default where you can find all of your upcoming and recurring Meetings. Along with Meetings, you can also navigate through other Categories including your 'Tickets', 'Upcoming' Events & Meetings, as well as check out any 'Past Events' you have joined or hosted.

Network Tab

The Network Tab is the best place to search for users on the platform, and consists of two different Pages:

  • The People Page is where you can search for users across the platform. By default you will open the For You category where you can find suggested users, but you can also navigate to Popular, and Newest users

    • On desktop you will also be able to use the filters that display on the left side of the screen to further assist you.

  • The Communities page is where you will be able to search and discover Communities that you are interested in joining.

Marketplace Tab

The Marketplace Tab consists of two different pages:

  • The Job/Gigs Page is where you can search and filter all of the Available jobs and opportunities on Entre. From the 'Available' Category, you can also navigate to the other Categories such as 'My Job Posts' if you are a Pro member that has posted any jobs, and the 'My Applications' to see all of the jobs you have previously applied to.

    • On desktop you will also be able to use the filters that display on the left side of the screen to further assist you.

  • The Deals Page is only available for Entre Pro Founders, and allows Pro Founder's to access deals and discounts for popular software used for work.

Inbox tab

This is where you will find all of your messages, group messages, and Communities you're a part of as a Member, or as the Creator. You're Personal Inbox is labeled by your profile picture.

  • The three dots in your Personal Inbox allows you to control inbound Direct Messages so you can receive messages from anyone on Entre, or only receive messages from users you follow.

  • The three dots in the top right of your messages allows you to manage your messages by:

    • Blocking the user(s) that have sent you a message

    • Reporting the user(s) that have sent you a message

    • or deleting the chat from you Personal Inbox.

  • The 📞 button allows you to create a meeting with the user(s) you are messaging directly from your messages. It will open up an Instant Meeting sharing the link via message with the other user(s) you are messaging.

Notifications Tab

This is where you can navigate all of your notifications aside from Direct Messages. You can view Comments people left on your Posts, see who has upvoted your Posts, Events, or Comments, and check out and join Events and Livestreams that people you're following have started or created.


Pages are the "Tabs within Tabs" you can navigate to different pages within each of the main Tabs as explained above. Using these properly will help you have a smooth experience navigating Entre.


Categories are default filters that can help point you in the right direction and help you to begin filtering to find exactly what you are looking for. You can find Categories within the calendar Tab, the Network Tab, and the Marketplace Tab.


As explained previously, only some Tabs have Filters, and some of these filters can only be accessed through the desktop version of Entre. If you are using your mobile device to navigate Entre, you can use the Search and the Filters within it.


The Menu can be found by clicking on your Profile Picture.

Desktop Menu:
  1. My Profile

  2. Billing

  3. Recordings (PRO only)

  4. Settings

  5. Help Center

  6. Support

  7. Entre's Roadmap

  8. Report Bugs

  9. Blog

  10. Log Out

Mobile Menu:
  1. My Coins

  2. My Wallet(if your web3 wallet is connected)

  3. Deals(Pro Founder's Only)

  4. Help Center

  5. Support

  6. Entre's Roadmap

  7. Report Bugs

  8. Blog

  9. Settings

  10. Dark Mode (Toggle On/Off)

*Please refer to the Tutorial video on How To Navigate Entre for a step-by-step video.