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| How To Grow your Professional Network

How To Grow your Professional Network

"Your network is you net worth" - Porter Gale. This quote remains true, even on social media! Entre is built specifically for helping you grow your professional network, and below are a few of the tips and practices to help you get started!

Fill Out Your Profile

Completing your profile is a step in the right direction! Be sure to keep this up to date, as accurate as possible, and full of valuable insight into what you do, who you are, what you're passionate about, and why.

Your profile is often times your first impression on social media, so make it a good one!


Share a valuable tool or resource in a community. Share some valuable feedback on a Post. Share what you're working on during a Livestream. Share some tips & tricks during an Event. You get the point! You have knowledge and experience whether you believe it or not, and it can be incredibly valuable to others; share it!

Sharing on Entre goes a long way is one of the easiest and best ways to grow validity on the platform and make great connections!

Events & Livestreams

There are so many great Events & Livestreams happening on Entre daily! This is one of the best ways to connect, network, and share with others face to face or via audio. You can even screenshare what you're working on and provide tutorials, previews, etc.

Meetings are a great way to take the conversation a step further on a more personal level in order to continue discussing ideas, and sharing, and growing!

You can learn more about the Meetings, Events & Livestreams feature here.

Inbox & Communities

Your Inbox is where the connections happen! Whether it's sending or receiving a Direct message, starting a group message with some great people working in the same field, or engaging in a community focused on a particular subject you'd like to learn more about, Your inbox is where it all goes down!

Creating a community of your own can be a great tool to further your connections with people already in your network, or to grow a community that helps others learn, grow, and connect!