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Entre is made to be a safe space for like minded people to connect, learn, and grow together. With that being said, it’s extremely important to understand that we encourage you as a user to fully understand the safest ways to use Entre, not only to protect yourself, but others, and the community as a whole.

If someone breaks the rules or guidelines please report them immediately. If a user does not break the rules or guidelines, but you do not wish to interact with them, you’re always able to block or disconnect them. This allows you to no longer see their content and for them to no longer see yours.

This section explains how to stay safe while using Entre by reporting, blocking, or by other means

For further details on how to use each feature, to our help center.


Rooms allow for the Entre community to come together through voice & video. We highly encourage using this feature to share advice, learn from each other, and build stronger relationships.

  • Owners and hosts have the ability to choose who comes up to speak.

  • If you do not want to have someone listening to rooms that you are hosting or moderating you may kick someone from the room.

  • As a listener, you may raise your hand to let the creator and hosts know that you wish to speak.

  • While others are speaking, we encourage you to mute yourself to be courteous to both the speaker and those listening.

  • If you permanently do not want a user to listen to rooms you are speaking in or hosting, you may block them.

  • Blocking: If you start a room, the people you blocked will not be able to see or join your room.

  • If a room does not follow rules, please report the creator of the room to notify the Entre Team.


Content is one of the most important ways Entre users can share their advice, experience, resources and engage with others.

You are able to share text and image based posts with the community.

Do not share or engage with content that does not fall in line with our community guidelines. Instead please report it.

How to report content: Click the drop three dots in the top right corner of the post and click “Flag this post”.


Jobs on Entre are completely free to post which allows for businesses to cut their cost when finding high quality talent to bring onto their team.

  • Jobs that are fraudulent or against other community guidelines are prohibited on Entre.

  • How to report a fraudulent Job Posting:

    • Click the three dots in the top right corner of the job post and click “Flag this Job post”.


Events allow for the community to come together in a more intimate setting. Anyone is allowed to list their events for free to give greater opportunity for you to grow your own community on Entre.

  • At any event hosted by Entre or someone else in the community, always be respectful, authentic, and supportive of those at the event.

  • How to report a fraudulent Event: Click the drop down arrow in the top right corner of the event post and click “Report Post”.


Direct and Group Messages allow you to message other Entre users instantly.

  • We encourage messaging others that you genuinely want to connect with, not people to sell to.

  • If someone sends you a message that is against our guidelines, you can always block and or report them.

What you should know about reporting another user for a Rule violation:

  • When you submit a report, we won’t share your information with the person you reported.

  • All reports are taken seriously and reviewed thoroughly by the Entre.

  • Our response to any report will be on a case by case basis, while using these guidelines to lead our decision making.

  • We seek to be fair, consistent, and quick in addressing all reported incidents.

  • If a violation is directly impacting you, we may share information with you to keep you updated.

If another user has reported you for violating a Rule:

  • If a report has been filed against you, we will contact you through your Entre account and the email you used to sign up with information about the nature of the report if necessary.

  • We may keep some of the information about the report against you private to protect the person who reported you.

  • We will inform you on our final decision and response to the report.

  • If you believe a report has been falsely filed against you, immediately contact the Entre team at

    [email protected]


  • Attempting to retaliate against someone who reported you is strictly prohibited.