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Livestreams are a great way to network, learn and connect with other like-minded professionals on Entre! Livestreams can also be a great way to grow your following and increase your reach on the platform.

Getting Started

When it comes to Livestreams, you can host them with just audio, or you can use video. Most importantly, you are going to want to make sure you have a quiet space so the listeners and other speakers can hear you clearly.

When you create your first livestream you will want to make sure you give permission to Entre to access your camera and microphone.

Livestreams are Public, and will be joinable and visible to everyone on the platform at the top of the Home Page, and when you start a Livestream, all of your followers will receive a notification.

How to Create a Livestream

Below is a step by step breakdown of how to Create a Livestream on Entre:

  1. Click the "Create +" button

  2. Select Livestream

  3. Select the Audio device you would like for your Microphone input

  4. Select the Camera device you would like for your Video input

  5. Enter a Title that accurately describes the Topics you are planning to cover during the Livestream.

  6. You can "Record Automatically" if you would like to Record the Livestream the moment you start it(Must be Entre Pro member)

  7. Click "Start Livestream"

If you have any questions regarding how to manage a Livestream, please refer to Room Controls in the Help Center.