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| How to Create Content on Entre

How to Create Content on Entre

How To Create Content

here at Entre, we understand the content game and understand it's all about versatility and being able to repurpose content cross platforms. That is why Entre provides many different features throughout the platform that allow you to create various types of content.

On Entre you can:

  1. You can create a simple text post

  2. You can create a blog post

  3. You can post a short form video

  4. You can post a YouTube video

  5. You can host a Livestream with video, or just audio

  6. You can host a virtual Event

  7. You can host a Meeting

  8. You can post a job or opportunity

  9. You can create and host Community of your own

  10. Pro members can also Record any Meetings, Livestreams, and Events

Each of these different content forms will allow you to expand your reach across different formats, and will also allow you to create content that can be repurposed, and utilized across other platforms.

The Create + Button

The 'Create +' allows you to create a Post, Livestream, Meeting, Event, Job/Gig, and a Community. The create button is where you get to decide how you want to share your story, your knowledge, and your value! So tell a great story, share some follow-worthy knowledge, and provide as much value as you can!


Posts are a great way to get started and is one of the easiest and quickest ways to create content on Entre. Below are a few details to pay attention to when creating Posts.

Add Location

You can add you location when creating a post to let people know where you are. this is especially useful when you are in a new city, or at an event looking to network with other suers on the platform who may be nearby!

Embed YouTube Video, or Upload a File

You can Embed a YouTube video to your posts or you can upload an image or video as well as a GIF. This can add an additional layer of content to your Posts that can help increase your reach.


Choosing a Topic for your Posts is Entre's version of what everyone calls 'hashtags' the only difference is that with a default set of options for people to choose from it helps people who are searching for your content find exactly what they are looking for without having to hope they searched for the correct hashtag.

Post to DeSo

If you have your DeSo wallet connected to your account you can cross-post on Entre to the DeSo blockchain which provides a great way to earn crypto and monetize your content on Entre as well as allowing a more immersive web3 experience while on Entre. All you have to do is make sure the toggle button is selected and your Entre posts will automatically cross-post to DeSo and you can check your post out over on the DeSo blockchain using a web3 node like dimoandapp.


Upvotes are a way for others on the platform to engage with your content and show appreciation for the value you provided them. It's basically a like button, but with way more importance. Every upvote is worth 1 point, and each point you earn on your content equals 1 Coin. Upvotes also help your content to trend and receive more visibility on Entre. So, the more upvotes, the more visibility the post gets!


Comments are a key form of engagement and often valuable content that can also receive upvotes. Comments on a post are worth 2 points, but do not earn you any Coins. The 2 points a comment provides is only going to help your post trend and receive more visibility on Entre.


Yes, you can support creators and they can support you! Entre wants to make sure that creators can monetize their content on the platform and, aside from Jobs/Gigs, users will be able to earn on every type of content they create on Entre.

Deleting posts

When it comes to deleting posts, you can do this directly in the feed, or you can navigate through your Content page to clean things up and delete that one post you made praising Sam Bankman-Fried that didn't age too well.

Livestreams, Meetings, & Events

You can learn more about this content type in the Livestreams, Meetings, & Events section in the Help Center.


This is only available for Entre Pro members only and you can learn more about how to create Jobs/Gigs in the Marketplace section in the Help Center.


You can learn more about this content type in the Communities section in the Help Center.