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What Are Communities?

Communities are the heart and soul of Entre! Entre is a professional network for people to work, learn, and grow with like-minded individuals and there is no better way of doing that than joining an Entre Community!

Communities are feature of Entre that allows users to network, share, and learn in a more intimate setting with people who share similar interests, goals, or work in the same industries.

How To Find The Right Communities For You

Under the "Network" Tab you will want to select the "Communities" Page. Within the Communities Page you will be able to search and filter for Communities according to the location, industry, and topics you're looking for! Communities will also be suggested to you on the Home Feed.

Once You're In

Upon joining a Community, you will be able to find the Community within your "Inbox" Tab beneath your personal Inbox on the left hand side. As you join more and more Communities, you will be able to scroll through them and organize them as you see fit.

Engagement Tips

When it comes to Communities, engagement and involvement is completely up to the individual user. Typically, the more engaged the Creator of the Community, the more engaged and involved in the Community the other members are.

Sharing valuable tips, resources, and feedback goes both ways, and can be crucial for growing the Community you want.

Of course, following the Rules & Guidelines is a MUST, and most importantly, being kind to everyone should be a given.

Events and Livestreams

Aside from the basics, hosting Events and Livestreams for your Community can be a great way to increase engagement, spark conversation, and open up great opportunities for networking!